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Personlig träning

Personlig träning  i yoga  handlar om en helhetssyn, träning med ökad förståelse för hur kroppen och det mentala sinnet fungerar. Träningen  skapar förutsättningar för ett balanserad inre,  samt rörlighet,  smidighet och inre /yttre styrka.

Investera i PT-yoga! Du kan boka allt från 40 timmar per år för 1599 kr /månad till ett enskilt tillfälle för 895kr. Vill du veta mer? Boka in ett gratis konsultationsamtal (se pris under Kontakt & priser).


Yoga, Cold Bath and Sauna, The ritual begins with winter yoga, breathing and movement - which dilates your vessels, increases your flexibility, mind and body. Then comes the moment - go down into the ice and master the cold water together with the power the nature has given us. 

We end the ritual with a wood-fired sauna


 Price: 2000 kr / 2 h -4 people, After that, SEK 350 / per person will be added.

 Draklanda / Åre (WM 8)

IMG_8764 2.jpg


 A yoga class where we are sensitive to the energies that set the tone and intention of the class. That is, it will vary in content, from powerful dynamic movements to lying still in breathing.


60 minutes


Tuesdays 19.15




Dropin 180kr


Luxury to it with beneficial hotyoga. The heat in hot yoga allows for a deeper stretch, cleansing, and improves oxygenation which creates a wonderful well-being in your body.



8:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Pool / SPA Copperhill

Dropin 200 kr



During the pandemic we have a break from hot yoga. Hope to start it up in the near future


Get in touch with Fia at

+46 (0)739 89 88 68

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Get to the Sauna/Herbret
(At Draklanda/The Old Sawmill) 

Drive or walk past the VM8:an lift/The Swedish National Alpine Arena and turn left and cross the railroad tracks. Keep to your right and park at the large parking lot by the lake.

Address Yoga Studio

Totthyllan 39

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