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Yoga in Åre


I love to inspire others! Below you can read more about the lectures I hold. If you want to book or have questions, please contact me at

To choose happyness

In a FUN and playful way you will get a new mindset. The opportunity to choose. ...The lecture gives you simple tools to make it easy to choose joy.


Length: 60 min

Price: 6000 SEK ink. VAT


Find your inner peace

What is mindfulness and how can it affect you in your everyday life? The lecture describes how you can achieve with simple means what the research results of the day have shown time after time. Such as reduced stress, increased self-awareness and concentration, better sleep, increased focus and better attention.


Length: 60 min

Price: 6000 SEK ink. VAT

Choosing joy through mindfulness

Lecture and workshop hours. Merge the two top lectures. For those who want a richer day where you invest in yourself.


Length: 2-3 h

Price: 10,000 SEK in. VAT

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