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- A unique recreational experience

Herbret is more than great accommodation. Here you will have the chance to get away from the everyday life, enjoy the peacefulness and come closer to yourselves. It is a complete recreational experience where two hours of yoga per day is included in the price. And it’s not just any yoga experience. Choose between meditation, awareness hiking or skiing or cold bath rituals with sauna. Fia will guide you through whatever you choose.


Åre’s first campaign to attract tourists in the late 19th century used the slogan ”För tourists and spa guests at Åre climatic resort”. The clean mountain air was the foremost reason to why people visited Åre. Therefore, the first tourists in Åre were often referred to as ”Air Guests”.

Herbret will upkeep this tradition. Our guests will experience the fresh mountain air during our yoga sessions, combined with yoga, hiking, ski touring and bathing. All this while focusing on their breathing.

Herbret is its own oasis in Åre, next to the old saw mill, just a kilometer from Åre center and right next to Åresjön (Lake Åre). The privacy that Herbret offers will let you rest and sense the over 100 year old building where you can just sit and enjoy the open fire. 

Check in at Herbret and check out from the surrounding world for a few days, shut your mobile off and let the calm wash over you.

Fia will take good care of you. She has many years of experience in yoga and wilderness guiding. If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to live in an old house with no running water and an outhouse, Fia will teach you all you need to know.


  • A two-bed accommodation, where extra beds can be added if needed. 

  • Breakfast, bed linnen and robes

  • Two hours per day of guided yoga by Fia in combination with (choose one alternative)

Cold bathing ritual with sauna, guided by Fia

Hiking and yoga

Ski Touring and yoga

Meditation and yoga at Herbert


3 500 SEK /night/person (Thursday - Sunday)

2 800 SEK /night/person (Sunday - Thursday)

Book your stay at Herbret by sending your request to (or use the button below).


Get in touch with Fia at

+46 (0)739 89 88 68

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

How to get to Herbret & the Sauna

(Next to Draklanda/The old saw mill) 

Drive/walk past the National Alpine Arena/VM8:an lift and turn left, and cross the railroad. Keep to your right and park next at the large parking lot by the water.

Address, the Yoga Studio

Totthyllan 39

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